CSBME 2023: Fachschule conquers London 2023

After a long time of preparation, the future mechanical engineering technicians were able to apply and improve their language skills during an excursion to London.

For the perfect start, the students went on a rallye to discover the world metropolis of London. They were supposed to use various means of public transport and to approach locals with their questions. Afterwards, they were able to present their experiences and pictures to the other students and give recommendations for possible destinations such as the variety of free museums, places with a good view of London, and one or the other stunning facts.

This year, we also focused on sustainable development education. The Mayor of London has set a target for London to be net zero carbon by 2030. In addition, London is a global leader in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mass transit. London is also a world leader in green buildings. Guided tours like this one: „Sustainable Architecture“ can be financed or supported from the „BNE“ pot.

In this context, the students learned comprehensively about the implementation of urban development with two guided tours through London. The Sustainable London Tour focused on mobility and sustainable production and consumption. The Sustainable Architecture Tour, on the other hand, focused on the use and design of green roofs, water and energy conservation, recyclable building materials and renewable materials and much more.

For sustainable education, Cambridge is known for its many traditional colleges. The subjects offered include, e. g.  a sustainable supply chain management course or sustainable leadership management. So a day trip to Cambridge was a can’t miss activity. One of the places to visit was the famous Mathematical Bridge, which has a very low bending stress and is considered a model for many stone bridges. The low bending stress is realised by the radial beams loaded in tensile and the tangential supports. This bridge has been the object of many exams tasks up to the present day.

Of course, typical sightseeing and discovery tours were also part of the agenda. Here, the students experienced Wembley Stadium, they were on the footsteps of Jack the Ripper in the Whitechappel district and were able to discover historic Westminster with a local guide.